Adult Neurons do keep growing


Here is the first sentence of the article:

“The apocryphal tale that you can’t grow new brain cells just isn’t true.”

More and more statements like these are popping up all over the world of fundamental neurosciences.

I encourage you to read on, directly from the LiveScience web site, they have gorgeous photos and animations.

You can add this to your arsenal of articles to show your friends and your doctors, those who still struggle to reconsider their belief that the nervous system is the only part of the body that does not renew itself.

I also would like to highlight this part of the article:

“The researchers observed the part of the brain responsible for vision, called the visual cortex, over the course of a few months. In order to see directly into the brain, the researchers implanted glass windows over two areas of the visual cortex while the mice were still young.”

Now you understand why this type of research on humans is simply impossible. Fortunately, the brain of a rat behaves 99% the same way as a human brain would in the same

Here is the link: Full Article

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